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Jillian Barrile Photography

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About Jillian Barrile Photography

Buffalo, NY based wedding photographer. Available near and far.


And, Congrats On Your Engagement!

I bet you and your fiancé are so excited to get started planning your big day together. Weddings are such a fun day to bring all the people you love the most together to celebrate new beginnings.

My photography has come to represent all things I love; compelling stories, new places and most of all people. Being able to meet new, real people and creating a fun experience is what my work is all about.

On a wedding day, I am there for my clients every step of the way. From the time the bride steps into her dress to the first kiss and to getting wild on the dance floor, every part of that story will be captured.

Lets get together and chat about your wedding day plans! Contact me to schedule a free consultation.

Best Wishes,


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